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World's first 100 billionare
2 Replies
Notes on Divine Revelation
0 Replies
Garden of Eden
0 Replies
To All Who Believe
1 Replies
0 Replies
The Rise of the Sociopath
0 Replies
The past it bites like a mother
0 Replies
Morality, Responsibility, Pride, Guilt
0 Replies
Starting the new reality
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Google Says
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Mental Meanderings
0 Replies
5 Things
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Remember Dear Christian
14 Replies
On Evil
5 Replies
What does the word 'religion' mean to you?
180 Replies
Atheism is a Religion, it's based on FAITH
49 Replies
The right to life and the right to end it. "How to die in Oregon"
4 Replies
Freedom of Religion
143 Replies
What's love?
8 Replies
Delusional beliefs and their harm to humanity
104 Replies
The arrogance of Religion
23 Replies
Why do people laugh at creationists?
10 Replies
Discovering Religion, the series
22 Replies
The Religion of Atheism … Exposed
5 Replies
Priest stripped of duties for celebrating Mass with woman priest.
98 Replies
How do you know what you think you know is correct?
2 Replies
How did I become an atheist?
5 Replies
What good is religion?
4 Replies
Determining what to do with a terrorist religion
22 Replies
Advent Begins; the King is Coming!
47 Replies
Is your charity doing all it can for the wrong people?
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Samael Speaks
5 Replies
The Twelve Days of Christmas
24 Replies
The flawed Christian God...
6 Replies
32 Replies
Aliens ARE Demons (don't believe in demons, do you believe in Aliens?)
13 Replies
Brief Note to the Atheist
434 Replies
108 Replies
The Rapture: The last train...
81 Replies
Kicking God out of Schools
94 Replies
A leap of faith
125 Replies
Evangelical Atheists
6 Replies
The Religion of Atheism … Exposed
51 Replies
Blog of Mormon
14 Replies
Why am I a Hater?
6 Replies
Baptism, Salvation and the Penitent Thief
10 Replies
Christ on the Cross
3 Replies
The Other Side of Morals - Evil
2 Replies
Will only Catholics get to Heaven?
119 Replies
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