widget make'n for noobs?

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First i must say that i have come across only nice people in this win community, truly one of the last places in the world to do so. (even if it is just digital)

plain and simply put,I wish to learn how to make widgets. I know there is alot of scripting and what not that goes into it, but if any of you pro's know of any books or sites that will in the words of the 'W' "Learn me" on how to do it, it would be vary helpful to me. Personal tips or anything you have to say...

Also to Mr Bilbo, you seem to be the widget masa round these parts, any chance on Naked Notes in the future? dont get me wrong some have gotton close, but there is always a corner lighting effect or a white border, or even a mini window opens the notes and then the mini just sits there and to me is an eye sore. always something even if its juat a duel app(calender/notes or mail/notes) to get in the way of true tinted nakedness. No slides or drawers or mini little things that pop open the notes, just a true naked notes (sizable? is that do-able for a widget?)

Anyhow, if not i enjoy your work, and once i learn, maybe naked notes will be my first creation


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July 10, 2009 7:51:33 PM from WinCustomize Forums WinCustomize Forums

Check out the tutorials here Step-By-Step and in the WinCustomize Wiki.

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